Comfort Woman Statue – After all insult and aggression

Press Release

12 January 2017 

Comfort Woman Statue – After all insult and aggression 

Everybody would know by now what happened in Busan, South Korea.  Another comfort woman statue was erected right in front of the Japanese Consulate by Korean activists despite the governmental agreement to settle this matter and move on and despite the fact that the majority of former comfort women supported the agreement and already received compensation. Japan has made efforts to settle the matter many times in the past. Whoever is in power in the Korean government each time made promises that they would never bring the matter up again only to break the promise over and over again.

Whatever justifications are given by those Korean activists and the South Korean Government, the reality is that the statue is always followed by insults and aggression towards Japanese.

It is not peaceful commemoration. The South Korean Government does not bother with its obligations under the governmental agreement and they are even asking the Japanese Government to resolve the matter with the activists directly rather than enforce their own laws.  We are still surprised that they are breaching the agreement after receiving the reparation money and giving it to most of the former comfort women.  

Their aggression does not stop here.  Lee Jaemyung, mayor of a city near Seoul called Seongnam who is nicknamed as Korean Trump is accusing President Pak of spying for Japan and publicly stating that he considers Japan is a military foe.  We know that he came all the way to Sydney for the unveiling ceremony of the comfort woman statue now sitting in the car park of the Uniting   Church and accused the Japanese Emperor of being a “War Criminal”.

Mr Lee Jae-myung in Sydney considers Japan as South Korea’s immediate Military Foe.

Enough is enough.  We don’t want this kind of thing imported into our local community in Australia.  It is known that those activists in Sydney and Busan are controlled by Chon Dea Hyup which is officially recognized by the South Korean Government as a North Korean connected agency.  Their purpose is to break the governmental agreement and cause animosity as much as possible and so they don't listen to our concerns.

We are concerned about the extremely offensive behaviours always associated with the statue.  We firmly believe that all  migrants should accept Australian values once they decide to migrate here and that includes living in harmony with people from other countries, even countries who were once at war.  

This is absolutely not a peaceful commemoration of all the women who suffered in war as well as women suffering from domestic violence as Rev Crews insists.  As shown in Busan, the comfort woman statues have a political purpose, and they foment antiJapanese sentiment amongst local Korean communities with a very negative impact on us.

Meanwhile AJCN received a threatening email from a person living in South Korea who wants to kill us in the most cruel way and see us dying begging for life.  We are reporting this matter to police.

Tetsuhide Yamaoka
Australia-Japan Community Network

Andrew Bolt’s article about AJCN


Press Release
28 December 2016

Andrew Bolt’s article about AJCN

Articles in the Sun Herald (December 15, 2016/ Title: Now Japanese use our race law against a war memorial) and The Australian newspapers (December 19,2016 / Title: ’Comfort Women’ row shows absurdity of 18C) which attack the section 18C complaint brought by AJCN, miss the point. This has nothing to do with the great monuments to peace and remembrance of Australia's war dead, which Australian war memorials are.  It has nothing to do with debates between Koreans and Japanese about their wartime history.

Japanese Australians are feeling intimidated and humiliated by the display of the comfort women statue, as it singles Japanese out as perpetrators of shameful conduct towards women in wartime, of all the peoples who call Australia home.  This has been done deliberately.  We know this from the wording of the plaque accompanying the statue and the public statements made by Rev Crews before the media spotlight has fallen on the case.  He said he did it to make "the perpetrators" - being the Japanese – apologise in a video posted over the internet in April. He also said he did it out of a sense of outrage about the decision of Strathfield Council not to permit the exhibition of the statue at the public place, on similar grounds to our present complaint.  The statue was never exhibited in a good faith.

Naturally Japanese in Australia are offended and insulted by being singled out, alone amongst the people of the world, as perpetrators of sexual violence towards women during wartime.

We have been expressing our concerns to the Uniting Church since June. Rev Crews now says the statue is to help us all contemplate the lamentable scourge of sexual violence towards women in all wars, and even those women suffering domestic violence in today’s society.  So we have said to Rev Crews of the Uniting Church - make the message universal on the accompanying plaque, to match your own words as to what you say it commemorates. In its present form, it is causing fear in Japanese people based on their race.

We think the Uniting Church did not realise how comfort women statues abroad have been used as focal points for the racial abuse of Japanese people today, or to educate young people to hate Japanese people although we explained with many examples of those cases really happening.  We are very aware of that and we are doing everything we can to stop such practices being imported here. This past experience naturally makes us wary about the true motivations of those who imported the statue to Australia, and vigilant to protect ourselves from similar abuse here.

We have great hopes for the conciliation process at the HRC that the leadership of the Uniting Church will work with us to find a compromise. Let us all remember the female victims of war; there is no need to treat us Japanese living in Australia differently as we do so.

Tetsuhide Yamaoka
Australia-Japan Community Network





豪州に初めて持ち込まれた慰安婦像は、AshfieldにあるUniting Churchの裏にある駐車場の奥に仮置きされています。AJCNの再三の撤去要求に対し、協会側はかたくなにこれを拒み応じる気配はありません。教会敷地は私的所有地として登録されていますが、人種差別法(The Racial Discrimination Act 1975-RDA- Section 18C)の上では公的な場所(Public place)とみなされます。ここで起きた人種差別的な言動は公的な場所での差別行為とみなされます。北朝鮮と政治的つながりを持つ挺身隊対策協議会の支援を受けた豪州の反日韓国人グループの依頼に基づき、Ashfield教会のビル・クルーズ牧師は慰安婦像を引き受け、上部教会組織もこれを止めた気配はありません。ビル・クルーズ牧師は、複数の公の場で誤った認識に基づき日本人を中傷する言動を繰り返しました。AJCNからこれらの不当性を指摘されると、今度は慰安婦像を、すべての戦争で被害をこうむった女性、さらには家庭内暴力(DV)に苦しむ女性を悼むために像を引き受けたのであり、特定の人種(日本人)を中傷、攻撃する意図はないと言い出しました。DVの被害者というアプローチはStrathfield市での慰安婦騒動の仕掛人であった反日中韓グループの指導者、Luke Song氏が途中から言い出したことです。彼はビル・クルーズ牧師と今年2月に会い、像の受け入れを依頼していることから、彼から入れ知恵されたものと思われます。しかし現実に像の横に置かれた碑文には「日本軍によって性奴隷とされた慰安婦たちを記憶し、日本政府の正式な謝罪と賠償を要求する」と明確に特定の人種(日本及び日本人)を名指しした文章が刻まれています。ビル・クルーズ牧師は明らかに嘘をついていることになります。

















Australia: Korean Puppets are stalking Japanese


Australia: Korean Puppets are stalking Japanese

For over two years now, I have written about the Comfort Women scam. There are many aspects to the scam. At the very highest level, there is China trying to make Koreans, Americans, and Japanese mistrust and fight each other. It is working on Koreans. 

Long story short, the Chinese puppet masters in Beijing deeply understand the Korean psyche. They realize that Koreans carry something called blood libel, or blood hate. 

First one must understand something about hatred. Hatred is a compound emotion consisting of two primary emotions. Those two emotions are ANGER and DISGUST. (There are seven primary emotions – as in primary colors, all the rest of the emotions are based on a mixture of the first seven.)

So, as a writer, if I want a reader to hate someone, first I must evoke disgust, and then anger (or the inverse), and nature will take it from there. It’s that simple.

Disgust normally has a very short half-life. We might be extremely disgusted by something today, and over it just hours or maybe days later. 

Anger can have a longer half-life, but still anger normally dissipates quickly. I have at times felt a serious flash of anger, but within a minute it is under control, and within just a couple minutes can literally be gone. 

For instance, both Clinton and Trump disgust me, but I have never been angry with them, so I have no hatred for them.

Hatred is extremely powerful, and persistent. 

The half-life can be in the generations, or even centuries. This is where blood hate arrives. If two men deeply hate each other, they might teach their children to hate the other family. Now we have a hate-tornado going that ripples through the ages.

Some cultures hang onto and nurture hatred. We see that with Black Lives Madness in the USA. 

We see it often with Koreans, and many sorts of Arabs (Arab being difficult to define). Scottish are famous for feuds. English less so – English are good at letting things go. 

Japanese as a people have a magical way of not carrying hatred or blood feuds, otherwise they would be blowing us up all around the world.

The Middle East is a cauldron of so many blood feuds that nobody is smart enough to track them all.

The Chinese realize that Korean culture nurtures blood feuds. Look at North and South Korea. They would love to nuke each other if they could get away with it. (Not that ROK has nukes.) 

So the Chinese puppet masters manipulate the Koreans and fan that hatred.

Earlier this year, I was in Nanjing researching this topic. I visited the massacre museum. That museum is a masterpiece of hate-building. It is incredible. 

If by the time you leave that museum, you do not hate Japanese, you have no soul. (Unless you are someone who realizes what is going on.) 

Conversely, I was also at the Flying Tigers Museum in Kunming. If by the time a person leaves the Flying Tigers Museum, if she does not love or at least feel warm for Americans, she has no heart. 

The Flying Tigers Museum makes our elders look so great that I was almost embarrassed. I could not have designed a better piece of pro-American propaganda. And this is in China, now. Then the Flying Tigers rugby team invited me to see them play! In China! Incredible, but I digress.

So, the Chinese are playing the natural fault lines. This is unconventional warfare 101. 

Others have spent much effort doing the same with us in America, trying to make whites and blacks hate each other. (It works for some, but not for most of us.)

I also flew to Australia researching this. I was told by an Australian government official that many Koreans want nothing to do with this fight. They either like Japanese, are neutral, or he also said some Koreans are big into prostitution in Australia and do not want the bright light.

I have spoken with many Japanese mothers. They are concerned that Korean students will go to violence. 

Some violence already is occurring, such as recent bombing and arson attacks in Japan. Some Koreans were just arrested for this, I think less than a week ago.

But now, when Japanese have to push back, this plays into the hands of the hate machine. 

Outsiders who do not realize what is happening often say, “Look at those dirty Japanese! Why don’t they apologize!” (They have apologized, many times, many years ago, and sometimes they apologize for things they did not do.)

So that is it in a nutshell. I could go on with 500 pages of detail and supporting documents and interviews, but in a nutshell the Chinese puppet masters are playing emotional Koreans as useful idiots.

Press release from a good Japanese organization in Australia. I spent much time with them. They are good people just trying to raise their kids:

Why do Korean children bully Japanese children?

Press Release
19 December 2016

Why do Korean children bully Japanese children?

Some journalists asked me if I would agree that the comfort woman statue itself could cause no harm.   Unfortunately the innocent looking girl is designed to be the symbol of Korean anti-Japan sentiment.  Her extremely young appearance is to suggest that such a young child was used as a sex slave by the Japanese military.  Korean teachers take their young students to the statue and teach them their version of the history.

As a result of the anti-Japan education, not only in South Korea but also in other countries, young Korean children grow up believing the comfort woman abduction story, and their anti-Japan behaviour is often encouraged and praised by their teachers and parents as you can see in this picture taken at a train station in South Korea.

Here is another example of such children. They created a YouTube movie which includes a scene of a Japanese soldier, acted by a Korean student, killing a comfort woman, acted by another Korean student, by stabbing followed by a close shot of a hand with pouring blood.

Sydney Lee (리나), Jino Chung (진오), Simone Willets (앵두), Noah Wise (다현), Sebastian Chai (세비), Devin Dunnigan (데빈)

This kind of story is no longer believed in Japan as the Asahi Newspaper, which disseminated the fabricated abduction story originally, admitted it was a fictitious story created by a con man called Seiji Yoshida.   But the story remains in Korean children's mind due to the anti-Japan education prevailing in Korean societies and they instinctively spit at Japanese counterparts and demand them to apologize.   Now Japanese people have begun experiencing similar bullying and intimidation in Australia since the comfort women statue became an issue here and this is what the local mothers are worried about.

This is the fundamental difference between ANZAC monuments and comfort woman statues.   Australian children learning history are never taught to hate former enemy countries and their descendants.  Unfortunately this is not the case with the comfort women statues, and so we are forced to defend our families from this kind of racial intimidation as best we can.

Accordingly it is impossible for us to consider the comfort woman statue as a statue that symbolises all women who suffered in war as Rev Crews insists.  The statue is never free from the intention and the motivation of the people who created and erected it.  The plaques that accompany the statue clearly accuse only the Japanese during World War II and there is no mention of the suffering of any other people forced into prostitution during wars, including for example comfort women during the Korean War and Vietnamese War under the South Korean government’s own military prostitution programme.  It is always important to learn from the past but we have to teach our children to positively construct the future as well.

This is not about dispute over historical facts.  Everyone can have his/her own view.  Yet we must refrain from threatening and adversely affecting other ethnic communities.  There are many cross cultural families in Australia. They are all worried about the safety of their children.

We would like the Uniting Church to rewrite the plaques according to what Rev Crews says himself and house the statue somewhere inside, more private and discreet to minimize the risk of adversely affecting the local communities.  Korean people can visit the statue commemorating women suffered in war in peace without offensive demonstrations.  This is rather a simple and reasonable request.

If you wish to further investigate this issue, please read the articles below:

“Comfort women articles by scholars “

Tetsuhide Yamaoka

Australia-Japan Community Network

Comfort Woman Statue causing racial bullying to Japanese children

Media Release

15 December 2016 

Comfort Woman Statue causing racial bullying to Japanese children 

We release this statement to further clarify our position on this matter.

We received a couple of emails accusing us of using the 18C to challenge the historical facts and whitewash atrocities.  We restate the following.

War ended a long time ago.  Everything was legally settled and we moved on.  Everybody can have own views and interpretation over historical events.  We should be sensitive towards any traumas people carry on.  However we must make sure our local communities are kept in harmony.  We should refrain from using history to achieve political goals.  We stress again that young children are far more susceptible to racial hatred.

We hear from worried and distressed parents especially from North America where such statues were already erected and political demonstrations continuously take place.

Typical cases:

Korean children surround a Japanese child and force him/her to apologize.
Korean children spit at Japanese children and/or spit over lunch boxes of Japanese children.
Korean children tell Japanese children “Japanese are evil race.”

Those Korean children think it is OK to do so watching what their parents say and do.

One case from Strathfield, NSW in 2015.

A Korean boy told his Japanese best friend “Let’s stay friends no matter what adults say and do.”

Another case in Sydney CBD

A Japanese mother visited a Korean own Japanese restaurant in Sydney CBD. Her half Australian daughter was served a boiling water in a cup with a straw.  As she burnt her throat and started crying the mother asked workers at the restaurant to give her water but she was ignored for a long time and she had to push very hard.

We must not allow this to happen in our local communities and we explained this in detail to the Uniting Church asking their cooperation but they did nothing merely saying “The statue is not targeting the Japanese.”  Such an attitude is totally irresponsible and we consider it culpable being a religious organization supposed to work for everyone’s welfare.

Accordingly we are forced to take a formal action.  It is a basic instinct of parents to protect their children.  AJCN is committed to support them.  We can always talk about historical interpretations but that is a separate matter.  Hence 18C is considered relevant in this case.  Please also refer to the attached bullying cases reported by a Japanese scholar who visited local Japanese parents in North America.

Best regards
Tetsuhide Yamaoka
Australia-Japan Community Network

About the Comfort Woman Statue

Media Release
14 December 2016

About the Comfort Woman Statue

As ABC reported AJCN has lodged a complaint against Uniting Church Australia at Human Right Commission.

Completely apart from interpretation of historical facts we have a numerous number of reasons to believe this statue has been promoted as a political tool causing unnecessary animosity and division to local communities. For this reason, Strathfield Council unanimously declined the Korean proposal in 2015 as more than 70% of residents voted No to the statue. More recently, Friedburg in Germany declined the similar proposal having realised that the statue is used as a political tool to put pressure on the Japanese government.
This kind of statues have been erected all over the world, and demonstrations taking place beside the statues are clearly political, racial and often violent. We consider this is a huge intimidation to the Japanese nationals. Please see the photos below for your references. What further concerns us is the fact that those specific Korean people promoting the statue are trying to break the governmental mutual agreement proposed by both Japanese and the South Korean governments. This agreement is implemented with the aim to provide assistance to the families of deceased comfort women and surviving comfort women, and Australian government officially announced that they also support this agreement as well. We hardly understand why we cannot let the two governments settle and build a better relationship for the future. This statue is a clear symbol with the intention of disregarding the governmental agreement.

Mr Abe beheaded beside the statue. Photography taken in South Korea

One of the ceremonies held in the U.S. to promote the “comfort women” statue.
Another point is that, we realised young children are naturally susceptible to racial hatred. We are deeply shocked by the fact that small children in South Korea are educated that Japan is an evil at a very young age in their Anti-Japan education system. The following photos are showing drawings by young Korean children which were displayed at a subway station outside Seoul.

We are frightened to see this kind of hatred has been publically displayed at the place of train station.


 These are placards held up by Korean and Chinese supporters at Strathfield extraordinary council meeting on 11th August 2015. These placards clearly indicate that this issue is far beyond peaceful, but strongly political.

Because of the factors described above, the comfort woman statue has never been a peaceful monument. It can easily trigger racial hatred and provoke discrimination especially amongst young children and student. In 2014, parents who are concerned with particular bullying and hatred their children experienced have sent a letter to Prime Minister Abe asking for a help. This happened in North America and we can easily assume this can happen in Australia, and this is the reason we have been objecting to the erection of statue since 2014. We must avoid it by all means.

In last 6 months we have been explaining these in detail to Rev Bill Crews and the Uniting Church at numerous occasions, however, so far our concerns have been flatly ignored. Hence we are forced to take a more formal action.

What Rev Crews publicly stated also hightens our fear. In a video Korean group submitted online, he appeared and said that he wants to erect the statue facing the public roads to make “perpetrators apologise.” We believe there are no perpetrators in Ashfield in regards to this issue and we are deeply shocked by being called “perpetrators”.

Later Rev Crews changed his words and stated in public that this statue was “representing not only comfort women but also all the women suffered in war, and even those women suffering domestic violence in today’s society.” We see this as an extremely deceptive and misleading act because the plaques attached to the statue are specifically blaming only Japan. This is clearly a form of racial discrimination by singling out the Japanese race.

The comfort woman issue and suffering of women in war is a universal issue that we should all seriously consider about it. However, it does not make sense if today’s mothers and children are subjected to racial hatred and discrimination because of such statue to honor women. Please let us say that we are only working for local parents who have been sensing tension and animosity since this matter was raised by the Korean group in 2014. We respect freedom of speech and thoughts, but we are also committed to protect our children and also maintain our local community harmony. This is the only thing what we are pursuing.

We would like the statue to be kept somewhere private and discreet so that people who are interested can visit but still we can minimise the risk of causing unnecessary harm to the local community which we should value the most. This should be a fair request.

Our message to fellow Australians is;
The world is increasing complex and turbulent. Our challenge is how to avoid importing foreign conflicts into Australia. For that purpose, the key is we put our community harmony first, not last.

I hope this media release help you understand where we stand. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Best regards
Tetsuhide Yamaoka
Australia-Japan Community Network